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In the early days, humans were faced with formidable challenges in everyday life. Without the skill to hunt, he would have nothing to eat. Without the ability for making a dwelling, he would have been exposed to the elements. Without the ability for making a dwelling, he would have been exposed to the elements. And without the ability to discern what could or could not hurt him, he most probably wouldn’t have survived. Despite the modern life that we live today, our connection with the wilderness stays. Whenever we see mountains, lakes, or forests, there is always a part of us that wants to rekindle that connection. No matter how far we have gone, we will always enjoy being one with the wild.

At Beaver River Bushcraft, we provide a layered concept of skills training that will let you enjoy the wilderness safely and to the fullest. Our workshops will equip you with knowledge and practical skills to survive the wild while safeguarding yourself from all the inherent dangers that you can come up with. Learning how to build a fire is basic, but understanding what it takes to keep yourself safe is paramount. With a thorough understanding what it’s like to be out there with your family, with your friends, or on your own, you will enjoy rekindling that wild connection all the more.

Latest Reviews

 My name is Kyra Bartashunas and I am a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force working as an aircraft structures technician

 I’ve had the distinct pleasure of attending a few of Ted’s sessions. One of which, Basic Plant ID was such an enjoyable and enlightening course. I am so happy to have the knowledge to be able ID indigenous plants in the Cold Lake region and all their wonderful medicinal benefits. Every time I go hiking with my dogs I collect a wonderful array of teas to use. Thank you so much for the knowledge and experience!


 “I have 45 years in military search and rescue and almost 50 years as a scout leader, during that time I have had the pleasure of sitting in on a number of his map, compass, and GPS courses and was always amazed at the methods he used to interest youth and adults alike. I have looked over Ted’s other courses and curriculum and found them to be of the same high standard I have come to expect from him. Ted’s knowledge of shelter, foods, and survival techniques are of the highest standard. Anyone following his methodology in the bush will survive in comfort and style. Good luck in the future Ted.

 Ian Lovie

Deputy Council Commissioner NLC

Camp Strategies, Scouts Canada”


“I have had the pleasure of acquiring a few skills and techniques from Ted. It’s hard to write a short review when he covers so many topics from the basics to fun bushcraft builds.

I have learned much about navigation both with map/compass and GPS. He instructed techniques to keep your bearing in dense bush down to determining your pace and keeping track of distance covered with pacing beads. One area I found overlooked by many others is cooking. Whether for survival or improving your camping meals, classes on meal prep, tools/gear and setup help keep your energy and moral up. Ted’s knowledge of plant identification leads to many outdoor remedies and tasty natural tea’s.

Can’t tie knot’s…tie lot’s!!…Not after a shelter building class! Mastering a few different knots makes outdoor life so much better while saving very important cordage. I went from just being able to tie my shoes, to setting up a tarp shelter with some “basic” knots to sliding adjustment knots and what I consider other rope wizardry.  The best part is practical use of these knots outside of the woods, once you know them they come in handy more than I imagined. So many other tips and tricks from fire lighting to packing gear have made my outdoor adventures more efficient, fun, and safe.

I am confident the knowledge gained from Ted’s experience and instruction would turn any survival situation into a survivable wilderness living experience.

Thank you Ted!”



Owen Davies


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We share quality, honest, real-world information and skills in a safe, family-oriented environment. We will help you develop greater confidence about the wilderness while learning to maximize its benefits and recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
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