This is it, folks!  The down and dirty things you will need to survive in the wilderness when things go wrong!!

You will learn the Priorities of Survival and how to meet them in a stressful situation.  We will discuss the things you should ALWAYS carry with you whenever you leave the beaten path.  These items, and the ability to put them to use, will ensure your successful rescue no matter how bad it may seem.

This isn’t a comfort class where you will learn how-to things in a classroom, its real!  While you won’t build a Taj Mahal from sticks or even a fire from rubbing two sticks, you WILL bring home a solid knowledge of the basics.

We cover cutting implement choices, knife safety and basic use; rules for fire-lighting and maintenance; using a container to purify water; erecting a shelter; and cordage choices, knots and their proper uses.

We will cover the importance of resource economy, repair, and maintenance; clothing choices; lighting; and basic direction finding.

We also experience basic site selection, preparation, and use.

This course is presented the first day in a classroom environment while the second will move to an outdoor venue where you can practice and demonstrate your new-found learning.

  • There are no prerequisites for this course, but basic knowledge of first aid is always a plus.
  • Supplies needed for this course are as follows:

              o   A knife of your choice (you can contact us for suggestions and availability for purchase the day of the course)

              o   A lighter of your choice (we recommend it be recently filled if a Zippo-type or brand new if a Bic-type), ferro rods and strikers (you  can contact us for suggestions and availability for purchase the day of the course).

              o   A metal container that holds at least 2L of water (#10 can is perfect.  Contact us for availability for cans with plastic lids)

              o   A tarp of some sort (preferably a minimum of 2.4m x 2.4m.  You can contact us for suggestions and availability for purchase the day of the course).

              o   While cordage will be provided for knot practice and shelter construction, please feel free to bring your own cordage such as para cord or bank line .

  • Course STARTS at 8:00 am, sharp!!  This actually means that this is when words start coming out of my mouth and I won’t repeat anything if you missed it by being late, so, please be ready to go.  This may be the only timing we meet all day, 😉 .
  • Please bring weather-suited clothing and footwear because we go rain, snow, shine, or cold and the only thing stopping us from doing so will be road safety.
  • Once we are out, we stay out for the day (approximately 8 hours) whether dark comes or not.  This is YOUR time so we will make the best of it.
  • Bring a lunch, either hot or cold.  You will be allowed, even encouraged, to cook that meal.
  • Please bring sunscreen year round and bug repellent as appropriate.
  • Please ensure that you have transportation to the outdoor site.


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