You will learn to be able to identify where you are by triangulation and keep a bearing without reference points, in deep cover, or under poor visibility conditions, in a group or alone. All instruction is in the field, including an overnight stay (at your level of convenience) giving you the confidence of moving through the wilderness with ease; always knowing where you are and where you are going.

You will know how to find and use benchmarks and handrails, navigate around impassable objects, escape routes, methods of keeping your bearing in dense brush or obscured vision.

You must be able to carry your own gear and several items of group gear with you at all times, this will not be a race and you will  have plenty of time to learn and practice.  

Pre-requisites for this course are as follows: 

Intermediate Land Navigation Course 

Basic Survival Skills Course 

Equipment needed for this course: 

Outdoor gear appropriate to the weather 

Basic survival kit as taught in Survival Course 

Appropriate shelter or materials 

Tools as desired 

Compass, GPS (if you have one and KNOW how it works) 

This course is pretty much all outside, right from the get-go so bring what you need.  Should you fail to provide for yourself and it harms you, you will be sent out and will not continue the course.  You will not receive a refund.

Maps are the only items provided by us for this course.  The area is remote and when it gets dark, I mean it gets DARK..

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